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Top best buy hair growth cream in Nigeria

Best Hair Growth Cream In Nigeria? With the increase in use of natural products around the world, companies that are in charge of producing things that we use are making research.

They made us realize that we can grow our hair to be healthy, long and thick as the case maybe and this is why I come up with List Of 10 Best Hair Growth Cream In Nigeria 2019 that are super effective and common.

Now let’s take a look at the some of this Natural hair growth cream that are effective and their features.

  • Best Hair Growth Cream In Nigeria


What are the conditions are good hair growth cream should have……….?

A good hair growth cream in Nigeria should have the following:

  • It must not cause harm to whoever use it
  • You must be able to get it anytime(accessible)
  • Must not have inorganic ingredient
  • A good hair growth cream must help in creating a condition that stimulate growth


List Of Places Where You can Buy Hair Growth Cream In  Nigeria

The following are places where you can purchase your hair growth cream both online and offline.

  • Local Shops: They can be purchase in Local shops that are close to you. when buying from local shops always look out for the expiry date and other follows. In short, follow your instinct, so you won’t buy Aba made products.
  • AmazonAmazon is of the biggest online store where you can get all your products at a go, it is the next place to check if you can’t Hair growth cream from shops close to you.
  • Alibaba: The next on the list and it is mostly use by those into Mini Importation, they purchase this hair growth products in large and sell at their own price.
  • Jumia: An online e-commerce store operating in Nigeria and some other African Countries. It is your No. 1 Platform to place other for all kinds of Hair care Products.
  • Konga: Not as popular as Jumia but can’t be neglected, you can also get your Hair products from there.
  • Other Site Not Listed here
  • Do It Yourself at home
  • Get from a Friend


List Of 8 Best Hair Growth Cream In Nigeria 2019

1. Hair Wonder: This product has created a long lasting positive review on minds of Nigerians both male and female. It is made up of coconut oil and castor oil, it is effective on all hair textures and length. It is made up of 100% organic materials and available at a cheap price, suitable for use by both gender, men and women. This hair growth cream can be apply for growth, nourishing scalp and dandruff treatment. Click here to check the Latest Price.


2. Hair Now Now Hair Scum: Another superb Hair Treatment cream on the list, this serum is known for it’s effectiveness in revitalizing scalp, repair of damages done to the hair, use in softening of beards/natural hair and longer.

It is used in almost all africa countries and it is known for it effectiveness for years.


3. Andrea Hair Growth: It is effective in ensuring blood circulation and use in prevention of baldness. It is made up of Organic Nutrients that aids in rapid growth of hair and Natural Oil. Andrea Hair Growth Essence  contains

Strong antioxidant(ginger), ginseng, fleece flower root and grape seed oil. It fasten the growth of hair twice it normal speed. It also darkens the hair and delays hair turning grey.

Good for those with baldness and receding hairline. It detoxifies the scalp, destroy dandruff and relieve users of itching. Check the latest Price.


4. Green Magic Hair Growth: Another popular hair growth cream, although you might not know about it. This cream help in growing thick, soft and nutrient base hair.

It is use in blood circulation and gives strength to the hair roots. The most amazing things are the ingredient use in producing it, made up of essential oils and others. can get from online stores, Super market and shop.

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5. Castor Oil: It is a must have Hair growth product for whoever wants to grow natural hair without spending much.It is made up of Vitamin E, Oleic, Ricinoleic acid, Linoleic and fatty acid. It is use as lubricant and provide superior hair growth.


6. Capsicum Essential Oil: made up of Cocos nucifera, Ricinus Communis, Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis and others.


7. Shea Butter: You must have heard about from a friend or family member if you have’t seen it nor make use of it before, It is use in preventing hair breakage and moisturizes the hair.

Shea butter is use in reducing scalp irritation and has anti-inflammatory properties. They are cheap and can get from Petty traders in the market and can get packaged ones from online store/supermarket.


8. Alorepair Natural Hair Growth: Made up of natural ingredients, stops hair breakage and balding. It makes the hair  stronger and thicker.Improves blood circulation and make the hair better.


You can also try out other Hair Growth Product like; Brazilian Keratin oil, Biotin Coconut oil, Dr.Miracles feel it formula and Hot Gro Hair & Scalp Treatment.

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